I have deep experience coaching clients with their financial success. We start by discovering your "why". What are your financial hopes and dreams? Are they realistic? How can we get you there? That's the work. Understand your why, make sure it's attainable, and build a plan. The rest is easy -- follow the plan. I'll be there to guide you along the way.

  • Speaking
  • Working with Neuro-Diversity
    • Disclosure
    • Challenges
    • Solutions
  • Financial Planning for Persons on the Spectrum
    • The why behind the spending
    • Short medium and long term goal planning
    • Challenges faced when planning
  • Budgeting for Neurodiverse Persons
    • Wants vs needs
    • How to use credit effectively
    • How to develop your plan
  • Neurodiverse and Neurotypical Relationships
    • Why relationships fail
    • Recognizing issues
    • Importance of communication
  • Importance of Early Childhood Diagnosis
    • Why it is important
    • Early signs
    • The effects on Family
  • Autism and Fitness
    • Physical vs mental
    • Eating Healthy on a Budget
    • Taylor a plan to you
  • Coaching
  • One on one
    • Develop your path
  • Group
    • Family
    • Work
    • Support
  • Consulting
    • Business
  • Grant Writing
    • Writing grants for Non-profits focused on raising funds for the Neurodiverse or at risk population

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